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With your generous support, we hope to expand the show opportunities to include all the incredible live performing arts venues that San Antonio has to offer.  We hope to establish working relationships with those companies that will allow easy access to tickets sponsored by Let’s Go to the Show! to age appropriate productions throughout the year.


Knowing that San Antonians have a giving heart, we are allowing ourselves to dream and hope big.  Someday we hope to expand the reach of our organization beyond just San Antonio to include Laredo, the Valley and other parts of South Texas.  The neglected, abused and at-risk children in those areas would than gain access to local live productions and possibly even have the opportunity to travel to San Antonio for shows.


Eventually, we hope to raise enough money to be able to provide scholarships for theater classes, dance/ballet classes, and even performing arts camps.


The value of exposure to the arts is priceless especially for at-risk children.  Numerous studies have shown that children who participate in the arts stay in school, avoid teen pregnancy and have decreased rates of drug use.

Children's Ballet of San Antonio
Woodlawn Theatre
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