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Lexi Dalrymple founded Let’s Go to the Show! in 2015 at the age of 12. At that time she was very involved with community musical theater.  Her interest in musical theater began in January of 2013 following six months of slow recovery from acute cerebellar ataxia - an autoimmune response to an infection that caused her own antibodies to attack the cerebellum – a part of the brain responsible for balance.  Lexi could not walk, hold a fork, speak without slurring her words, or sit without constantly swaying from side to side.  Her eyes could not focus and she was so dizzy she kept vomiting.  Although she did recover fully, Lexi showed less interest in sports as she was still concerned with her balance.   When offered the opportunity to audition for Seussical the Musical Jr, she was super excited.  Once casted, she called her new theater friends a “theater family.”  The ability to work with a great director/choreographer and with kids from all around San Antonio was priceless. 


Lexi volunteered for a Day of Service with an Art and Soul program at Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA). The program gives children who had been removed from their homes by Child Protective Services an opportunity to spend the morning painting.  She had to leave a few minutes early to go to a rehearsal at the Woodlawn Theatre.  As she walked out, Lexi asked if these children who seemed to enjoy painting would enjoy going to shows at the theater and how could she make that happen.  It seemed a brilliant idea to allow these children to escape a harsh everyday reality and smile for a few hours of live performance.  Within a few weeks, the first group of CASA children and their advocates enjoyed a production of Shrek the Musical Jr at the Woodlawn Theatre.  Since then, over 1000 tickets have been provided for CASA children, children from St. PJ's Children's Home and Autism Treatment Center to attend live performances at the Woodlawn Theatre, Children's Ballet of San Antonio, San Antonio Symphony, Ballet San Antonio, The Magik Theatre and The Public Theater.  Also we sponsored two summer theater camp scholarships at the Woodlawn and Magik theaters plus two scholarships for fall academy classes at The Magik.  


Mission Statement:

To bring hope and inspiration to abused, neglected and at-risk children by providing free access to the performing arts.


Vision Statement:

To enable every child, regardless of circumstances, to experience the beauty and magic of the performing arts and to feel that dreams are attainable.

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